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A Review - A Cauldron of Uncanny Dreams by Donald Firesmith

This compilation of short stories, written by Donald Firesmith, tracks to the edge of horror and thrill. For those '90s kids such as myself, think Are You Afraid of the Dark. For those of you slightly before the original Nickelodeon channel, perhaps the Twilight Zone is a better reference.

These stories were not ones to keep me up at night; rather, they are a window into an alternative state of being. I could almost hear the "What if ..." that created the idea of each story for Firesmith. "What if that run down farmhouse is only a figment of a time past?" or "What if a woman obsessed were to become one with that in which she obsessed?"

For some, such a peek will be enough to shudder and feel the goosebumps creep up their arms. For others, it will be a delightful thrill of contemplation into their own "What if ...". Definitely a collection for those that enjoy the questions of what lies in the dark corners or just beyond the reach of the headlights on a cold, dark night.

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