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A Review - Calm: Calm the Mind. Change the World.

Score: 4/5

I was hesitant to write a review for this book – mostly because I feel like this isn’t a “book”. It isn’t something that needs to be read from cover to cover (although you can certainly do that if you wish). It is more a collection of thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on how to make a hectic life more calm and serene. Smith grouped these into the main categories of Nature, Sleep, Travel, Relationships, Work, Children, Creativity, and Food; each with unique tidbits, quotes, research, meditations, journal ideas, and more.

For myself, the best part of the book was the format. The book itself is the very essence of Calm. Nothing took my eye as harsh or overwhelming. Smith presented everything in such a way that I wanted to keep turning the page to find out what the next tool would be. The pictures, fonts, and arrangement made the journey to self discovery seem adventurous, peaceful, and enlightening rather than daunting and intimidating. There was also a level of fun in the pages that transferred through my fingertips and into my daily life. I implemented many of the suggestions Smith offered, and tagged many more to try later.

And if you are wondering how much the Calm app is pushed – it isn’t. Not really. There is a mention at the beginning of the book, as well as a brief reference with every meditation, hardly enough to be considered a sales pitch by any stretch. Smith genuinely wants to share knowledge, and do it in a way that is fun and memorable.

This is truly a wonderful and inspirational book that achieves what I feel Smith set out to create – an offering of ideas on how to calm and inspire yourself, so that you can change the world.

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